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Academic programs


Children develop and learn through spontaneous, self-directed activities, combined with the introduction of a more structured learning environment. Students cultivate a natural desire to learn, develop social skills and ethical responsibility, and understand and demonstrate basic concepts.

A love for learning starts young.

Maryknoll School is renowned for it's excellent early education program in Kindergarten, which lays a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, and science.  Our caring faculty and staff get to know every student at Maryknoll and help to nurture their unique interests, passions, and talents as early as Kindergarten.

Lessons in Phonics Plus build verbal skills and make reading fun to cultivate students’ enjoyment of storytelling and ease of communication. Students learn about God, Jesus, and Mother Mary through word and song.  Science and math start with showing students the wonder of the world around them, and inviting them to explore, question, and discover. Self-directed activities combined with the introduction of a more structured learning environment teach students social skills and responsibility as they adjust to the grade school environment. For the 2022-2023 school year, parents of students who will attend Kindergarten will continue have the option of participating in our Mandarin Immersion Program, the first Mandarin language immersion program in Hawaii during the regular school day. Mandarin Immersion students receive daily instruction in a 50/50 model, 50% of each day in Mandarin and 50% in English.

Other curricular highlights include participation in a Big & Little Brothers & Sisters program, where Kindergarten and sixth grade students partner for combined activities throughout the school year; introduction to Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a STEM based curriculum in which Maryknoll won the “Distinguished Award” for its K-5 Launch program in 2020; beginning classes in art, music, and physical education.

KINDERGARTEN: mandarin immersion program

Maryknoll’s Mandarin Immersion Program allows students to learn the world’s most widely spoken first language, creating global opportunities for educational and career aspirations. Studies have shown that immersion programs develop language fluency and increase students’ standardized test scores and critical thinking abilities across all academic subjects.

Mandarin Immersion Program


Students cultivate their curiosities, explore their internal and external worlds, begin to work independently, and complete projects that require planning and organization. They build on previously learned skills and strategies, develop more complex social skills, and can think logically about and solve concrete problems.

Every step prepares your child to continue to excel.

At Maryknoll, grades 1-5 represent an important time when students begin to work independently and in groups, tackle assignments that require planning and organization, and put their inner ‘detective’ to the test with critical thinking and problem solving in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses. They learn about the importance of our school motto, Noblesse Oblige, and participate in various service projects.

First graders become proficient in the Phonics Plus method and continue to excel in their reading and writing abilities. A highlight in second grade is Religion class, where students who are Catholic continue their faith formation and prepare to receive the sacraments of first communion and confirmation. Second graders also begin novel complete their phonics instruction with learning how to write in cursive. Projects such as third grade’s Spartan Society encourage students to express their inner entrepreneurship. Fourth grade students are exposed to a variety of creative arts, including music and dance as part of the E Mele Kakou program. Our one-to-one laptop program begins in the fifth grade. Students learn about acceptable use of devices and are taught how to word process and work with various programs to support their learning and project presentations. A major highlight for the elementary level students is the 5th Grade Camp Experience, where students spend three days and two nights at Camp Erdman, doing team building and class bonding activities.

Students in the Mandarin Immersion program continue to build on the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking for 50% of the school day.  Proficiency tests are taken in grades 2-5.In grades 4 and 5, students may participate in athletics through the Christian School Athletic League (CSAL), through which they begin to learn and develop fundamental skills in sports such as basketball and volleyball.


The preparation for high school, college and career begins in the middle level grades at Maryknoll. Our faculty and staff help each student hone his or her talents. Rigorous academics in core subject areas challenge students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our students also develop an increased sense of independence and personal responsibility and prepare for matriculation to our high school programs.

Teachers encourage and support growth.

Students participate in a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities that encourage physical, intellectual, psychological, social, and moral growth, allowing them to discover new interests, skills, and competencies. Students study the history of our state, country, and world in both ancient and modern times. They grow in their relationship with God through prayer, retreats, and studies of the liturgical year, the Old and New Testament, and by continuing participation in service opportunities, modeling the path started by our founders, the Maryknoll Sisters. Teachers assign high level reading and writing projects and encourage students to present their work using various types of media. Students who have a passion for mathematics may take an 8th grade Algebra Bridge course, where they may receive high school credit for successful course completion.

Progressive electives in band, choir, and digital media enable students to express themselves through the creative arts. Middle level students participate in weekly advisory sessions, which foster positive peer relationships, effective communication, and provide adult advocates for the students.

Students are encouraged to join a few of the many extra-curricular on campus clubs.  Some examples are the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), Chess Club, Speech Team, Key Club, Hula Ministry, Robotics Team, and Student Council. Exciting middle level co-curricular class trips include Hawaii Island, Laie and Washington, D.C., which bring social studies lessons to life. Physical education and personal wellness go together with a holistic and well-rounded educational experience. Students can also participate in extra-curricular athletics through the Christian School Athletic League (CSAL) for grade 6 and the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) for grades 7-8.


Maryknoll High School is a welcoming and nurturing community that encourages students to grow both academically and personally through forward-thinking classes and exciting extracurricular activities.

Your child’s passions are our priority.

Students will be inspired to use their talents and abilities to make a positive impact in the world. They’ll explore their interests and discover their passions through college prep courses as well as elective courses in the areas of STEM, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), Medical Innovations, Business, Diplomacy, or the Creative Arts & Expression. They may choose to travel to neighboring islands, the mainland US, or abroad, as part of our service trips, cultural exchanges, or LIFE team experiences. They may even choose to participate in our Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) and graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree!

Maryknoll School develops graduates who are independent learners, effective communicators, goal-setting navigators, community collaborators, and spiritual stewards. The graduates also have technical plasticity and financial and economic literacy. The dedicated faculty are not only specialists in their fields of study, they are also mentors who provide creative and effective learning opportunities for the students. As a college preparatory school, Maryknoll offers a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in various disciplines.

In Religion courses, students are encouraged to grow in God’s love and foster Maryknoll’s charism. Yearly retreats are included to provide opportunities for faith sharing, reflection, and community building. Students also participate in yearly grade level retreats and community service projects.

Social Studies courses connect the past with real world situations and issues. Students learn practical life lessons and skills to use at Maryknoll and post-graduation. Some of the activities that students may participate in include National History Day and the National Economics Challenge.

English courses are rigorous and offer a focus for instruction each year. Teachers help to ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of materials.  Courses include the content standards of writing, reading, speaking, language, and college and career readiness. A highlight in the English Department is the Grade 11 Solutionary Project. Students are introduced to current world problems and decide on a plan of how they can make a difference. Students do research, conduct interviews, write project proposals, and film project pitch videos. At the end of the project, students follow through with their solution to make a difference!

Mathematics is all around us! Students use inductive and deductive thinking skills in problem solving situations and apply this knowledge to real-world situations. Students may take required as well as elective courses, such as Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, Computer Science.

In science courses, such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Marine Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics, and Forensics, students participate in hands on lab sessions and projects to enhance their learning experiences. Students may elect to extend their passion for science by joining the Coding Club or competitive Robotics Team.

High school students choose from Chinese (Mandarin), Hawaiian, Japanese, Spanish as their foreign language, with a goal of understanding the language and culture, and to have the ability to respond appropriately and respectfully to cultural similarities and differences.  The World Language Department offers cultural exchange opportunities to sister schools in China and Japan, college visits to Japan, as well as service opportunities to neighboring Hawaiian islands.  Maryknoll High School’s Arts Department strives to build a culture of artistic excellence in all students. The program includes diverse, multi-level and rigorous course offerings in visual arts, graphic arts, and performance arts. Students may extend their creative expression by working on The Toad literary magazine, creating banners in the Arts Ministry Club, and participating in band and choir concerts, and theatre productions.

Maryknoll students participate in physical education classes and those who are passionate about sports are encouraged to try out for our ILH sports teams.  Maryknoll also urges students to participate in extra-curricular activities by joining one or more of the many teams and clubs.  Some of the current offerings are:  a variety of foreign language clubs, Art Ministry, Trivia Club, Key Club, Coding Club, Music Ministry, Spartan Spirit Club, Anime Club, Math Team, Speech and Debate Team, and Civil Air Patrol (CAP).